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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Snatch Theft

This can happen anywhere, pls alert your loved ones...

Be careful..

Holding tight also useless. Need to wear helmet when walking on the road....problem.

This is what happened on Friday afternoon, when this girl was crossing the road to work as a part time salesgirl after school.

While crossing the road a motorbike came from behind and the pillion use a helmet and hit on the head while the motorbike was moving. The girl died on the spot.

She just only 18 years old.

Always be alert and for the ladies ...... your handbag!!! Take care!!!

sebutir kata:
Kadang2 rasanya nyawa kita cukup tak berharga dimata sesetengah orang... hargailah dengan perkara yang berfaedah disisi Allah....

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