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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Becareful while driving alone

Rec'd an email from a colleague this morning which I like to share with all readers...

Hi All,
I thought this only may happen to other people. Today at 9:00pm, while my daughter is driving along Lebuhraya Gelugor, Penang shuttering her parents back from dinner, a motor cycle with pillion rider threw a piece of brick (I guess) on the window of the right front door of our car.

I presume they are robbers. Fortunately the glass window did not break or I can imagine the damage and injury caused to the driver. My daughter drove on without stopping down. Please find attached some pictures showing the impact and damage by the brick. Please be careful while driving alone... especially the ladies.

sebutir kata:
Dont't stop your car
if someone trying to break your glass. Pls beware it can happen to anyone not only ladies....

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